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Our mission is to create fun, community-driven projects for our Ape NFT holders. With over 60% of our Apes minted we will launch our Ape store. Ape holders will also receive a 7% cut of the revenue. Check out our roadmap below for more detailed information.

We have been long supporters of the Moonriver network, we feel as this network is perfect for our community-driven project. Finally, months of hard work are coming to life as we launch!! Please check out our social media and show some support as this project wouldn’t be possible without your help!

The Roadmap

  1. Launch

    APRIL 8, 2022

    The launch of Moonriver Apes marks the birth of our project, Moonriver Apes are 10,000 unique programmatically created NFTs stored on the peer-to-peer InterPlanetary File System. Our Moonriver Apes are built off the hugely successful ETH BAYC and will form the basis of our ecosystem.

  2. Hold and Earn

    MAY 7, 2022

    Earn passive income from owning an Ape and new deFi opportunities will be available to our Ape holders. We will be working on a platform to allow our Ape holders to earn from being apart of the community.

  3. Ape Drops

    SEPTEMBER 18, 2022

    Ape holders will automatically receive future NFTs, which will increase the asset library for our metaverse projects. NFT drops will be determined by our community.

  4. Advertise & Influence

    AUGUST 12, 2022

    After the launch of the project, we will work on advertisement strategies to bring new community members into the project. This will be the main bulk of the work. The team plans to contact influencers to promote the project.

  5. Metaverse

    DECEMBER 10, 2022

    The project's next step will see the creation of metaverse products like as games and Defi apps, with Ape owners extensively involved in the design and decision-making process.

The Team

alien punk


Founder, Full Stack Devloper

Co-founder Zoey is a full-stack blockchain developer with over 6 years of experience and a diverse portfolio of projects. Zoey fell in love with the world of NFTs a few years ago, and her enthusiasm has only grown since then.

alien punk


Founder, Devloper & Outreach

ApeMan, the projects co-founder, is a full-stack blockchain developer with more than six years of experience. ApeMan serves as the projects public face, as well as the head of outreach and the principal point of contact with outside organizations.

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Community Manager

The projects community manager is Gotron. They are in charge of making sure everything goes well and that everyone in the community has a say. Maintains all social media accounts.

Frequently Asked Question

You will earn passive income dependent on the number of Apes you own once minting is completed. Seventy percent of the royalties will be transferred to Ape owners.

You will be able to receive random airdrops if you are an Ape holder. When the game is released, it will have stuff like Ape accessories. You'll be eligible for token drops as well.

The Apes' utility is currently being determined. The community's DAO will make the final decision. However, we're now working on a 2D shooter game that uses your Ape as an avatar and allows them to earn items through playing.

The project will be airdropping ApeCoin tokens to its holders. It will be used to mint, buy in-game items, purchase Apes from the marketplace, yield farming opportunities and vote power on the DAO.

The rarity is linked 1 to 1 with the original BAYC project. To discover the rarity of your Ape you can use tools such as: https://rarity.tools/boredapeyachtclub